Company Profile
L Arts in Stone Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Hong Kong began in the 1970s, when the membership period of the rise of Southeast Asia stone ornaments. Zhongsheng Machinery Factory professional manufacturer to turn to stone arts machinery, starting from a single species, the industry gradually to market demand, thus continuing to explore development;

Was developed after a wide range of automation products today.In the liter-founder, remained in line with exquisite experience and technology, self-development to create numerous stone arts machinery and equipment; service perfect, low-key established in the industry community. In the liter to lean to the practical well-known, won the majority of user acceptance and good reputation.

The rise since 1996 include machinery factory in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, is still in the creation of self-development "CS" brand of rock arts machinery. At the same time as the stone ornaments continue to demand the extensive development process, continuous improvement in the L Series product innovation, excellence, quality and functional quality, the user has won widespread recognition abroad, so "CS" in the rise reputable product! Reliable quality and service integrity.

In liter in 2010 moved to London Town, Shunde, Guangdong, relying on the Pearl River Delta, the core location, to the general domestic and international users with high quality products and services. Foshan City Shunde District Yang Road London shrimp Kun Lai Wai Village Industrial Zone, Shunde Industrial Park, London shrimp Xi Kun Wai Chung Police Station opposite
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